Position Monitor

"Position Monitor" displays all your positions for the current account in a table. It gives you the possibility to sort or filter positions as described below.

Sorting and grouping

The table can be sorted as you wish. Clicking on a column header will sort the data in the table ascending or alphabetically, depending on the type of the column. Clicking again on the same header, will sort the data descending/reverse alphabetically.

Right clicking on a column header opens a contextual menu.

Here you can:

- Open the "Sort" dialog where you can specify multiple column sorting. See the first picture below.
- "Add filter". This will open the "Choose Condition and Constant" dialog. See the second picture below.
- "Remove filter"

A little arrow will appear to show how the data is sorted.

If data is sorted by profit, the positions are divided in three groups. The net positions of each of the three groups are shown in different configurable colors. The limits of these groups as well as their colors can be defined in the preferences dialog. It may happen that some of your positions are not on the screen. That is because there are too many positions in one group. Use the scroll bar on the right of each group to browse them.

Having checked the "Show Net Positions" option, the sorting is done inside a net position. You must notice that the sorting is done in each group.

You can now rearrange the columns by dragging a column header where you want the column to be by dragging them in the position you want.

There is also an expand/collapse cross. You can use that to expand or collapse all net positions shown.


To the right of the sort options is the filter field. It lets you specify a filter. The "?" button is a help button. By pressing the help button, a popup will appear. This popup gives you all the information needed to create a filter. By pressing it again, the popup will disappear. After defining a filter press the "Apply" button or <Enter> and the contents of the table will change according to the filter.

Status Bar

In the lower part of the frame, there is a status bar. It displays the futures, options and net profit/loss in the default currency.

All values should be considered for illustrating the functionality of the software and should not stand as a real life example.

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