Price Ladder

"Price Ladder" provide a detailed real time information for a given contract. You can see here ask size and bid size for each price in a different row, more you also can see a mini chart with the price evolution.

The values in the fields on the top of the frame represents:
- Pos - net position of the contract (+ for "long"; - for "short")
- Avg - net position price
- Hi - high price
- Lo - low price
- Chg - net change
- OPL - open profit/loss
- TPL - total profit/loss

The buttons are:
- Flat MKT - Flatten Market (Offset)
- Rev MKT - Reverse Market
- Buy MKT - Buy Market
- Buy LMT - Buy limit
- Sell LMT - Sell limit
- Sell MKT - Sell Market
- CXL Buys - cancel buy orders
- CXL All - cancel all orders
- CXL Sells - cancel sell orders

Price Ladder is easy to use: write a contract in the "Contract" field and type <Enter>. You can also choose a contract from Contract Lookup Dialog, is the same thing. If you want to open Contract Lookup dialog press the button from the right side of "Contract" field.

Order Entry in Price Ladder

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