Working Order Monitor

"Working Order Monitor" allows you to see all your orders that are waiting to be accepted, cancelled, etc. It gives you the possibility to sort or filter the orders the way you want.

Sorting and grouping

The table can be sorted as you wish. Clicking on a column header will sort the data in the table ascending or alphabetically, depending on the type of the column. Clicking again on the same header, will sort the data descending/reverse alphabetically.

A little arrow will appear to show how the data is sorted.

When sorted by proximity, the orders are divided in three groups depending on the proximity. The orders of each group are shown in different configurable colors. The limits of these groups as well as their colors can be defined in the preferences dialog.

You can now rearrange the columns by dragging a column header where you want the column to be.


To the right of the sort options is the filter field. It lets you specify a filter. The "?" button on the right side of the filter field is a help button. By pressing the help button, a popup will appear. This popup gives you all the information needed to create a filter. By pressing it again, the popup will disappear. After defining a filter, press the "Apply" button or and the contents of the table will change according to the filter.

You can also use two checkboxes if you want to show / hide cancelled orders and cancel/replaced ones.

All values should be considered for illustrating the functionality of the software and should not stand as a real-life example.

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