Filters allow the user to select which data they want to see. The user sets up one or more conditions in the filter text field, and as a result, only the rows that meet the conditions will be displayed in the table. The condition is composed of three elements: variables, operators and values. It has the following generic form:

[variable]   operator  value

Variables are always put between the [] characters. They are basically the column names of the table. Whenever the user enters the [ symbol, a tooltip will appear with all available variables. Remember that the variable must be a valid column title.

The operators are the standard arithmetical operators, such as equal, less than, greater than, plus other 2 operators, “Begins with” (=*) and “Contains” (=**). Once the variable has been inserted, by pressing Space, a tooltip will appear with a list of valid operators. There are also logical operators AND and OR, which link 2 conditions together. Here is an example:

Values are probably the most important part of the condition. There values can be of different type, depending on the type of the respective variable. A list of possible values appears when pressing Space after the operator. Values that have space in them are put between {} symbols, such as timestamp and currency:

Values can also be intervals rather than just single values. By pressing “.” twice the list of values will be displayed again and the user can determine the end of the interval.

Once the set of conditions is configured, pressing Enter will automatically apply the filter. Notice that it will also put the filter between () brackets.
The user can set up multiple filters in the field, each filter put between brackets and separated by the “+” or “-” operators. It would look like this:

The “-“ operator reverses the filter, i.e. it will display the elements that don’t meet the specified condition. This can also be put in front of a single filter.

There are a number of ways to fasten up the process of entering filters. As stated above, pressing Space will bring up a tooltip with available entries.

By pressing Space before an element (variable, operator or value), it will select that element, bring up the tooltip again, and change the element with the selected value from the list. This can also be done by right clicking on an element.

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