Customize Desktop Shortcuts Bar

The Desktop Shortcuts Bar has 3 main sections: Frames, Tools and Web Pages. Each section and its elements can be customized from this dialog. You can modify the displayed icons or the size of this toolbar. You can also change the glowing color (when mouse cursor hovers over an icon), size and order of its items.

From Frames, Tools and Web Pages buttons you can switch between these 3 Shortcuts Bar sections and customize each one of them.

You have two lists in this dialog: the Available Shortcuts on the left contains the icons that are not being currently shown on your Shortcuts Bar; the opposite, Displayed Shortcuts, is self-explanatory.

Available Shortcuts

On the Available Shortcuts section there are 4 buttons from where you can:

add all shortcuts

add selected shortcut to Shortcuts Bar

remove selected shortcut from Shortcuts Bar

remove all shortcuts

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Displayed Shortcuts

On the Displayed Shortcuts section there are 4 buttons from where you can move the selected shortcut:

to top

one position upper

one position lower

to bottom

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From Bar section you can change the icons Style: Small or Large Icons. Here you can also change the Width of the Shortcuts Bar (within the 20 - 100 range).

For example, if you are familiar with the Shortcuts Bar you can choose a Width of 20, Small Icons and hide Categories and Shortcuts Text, the Shortcuts Bar will look like in the image in the right.

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This section concerns the way Categories, as well as Shortcuts are being shown on the Desktop Shortcuts Bar. For either - and independently - you can choose to show both the icons and text; only the icon, or only the text. You cannot hide both the icon and text at the same time.

If the Shortcuts Icon(s) are not shown, only their Text, the space on the Shortcuts Bar will be better managed, although not that intuitively.

In the case of Show Categories Icon - the categories icons are: , and . You can show/hide these icons. Uncheck this option, if you want only their text (Frames, Tools, Web Pages) to be displayed.

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Glow Color

Some users prefer to have the icon they are positioned on highlighted with a Glow Color. Press the button below the Glow Color for Shortcuts Bar Icons field and select the color you need.

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