Spark Chat

Spark is an integrated online instant messenger. Here is where you see all your contacts online or not. You can add a new contact by pressing the add button . You can start a conference by pressing the join conference room button . The next button is used to view all your downloads . You can broadcast a message to people you want by pressing the send a broadcast button . You can use the view notes button to save important notes . You can save tasks by pressing the view task list button .

The next buttons can add support for using other chat systems. For example, if you have a Yahoo Messenger, GTalk, MSN, ICQ or AIM account, you can log in to that account from Spark. Your contacts from that system will appear in your Spark contact list.

Chat enables you to talk with one of our operators. The upper part of the window is the conversation part. There you can read the whole conversation and there you will find the answer of our operator. The lower part is the part where you can right you current reply. By pressing "<Enter>" your reply will be send to the operator.


In the top of the application you have a menu. This menu has four sub-menus. Next, these sub-menus will be explained.


If you click the spark item a menu will appear from which you can set the preferences, the profile and the plug-ins of the application.


Here you can change your password and set other options for the chat, login, sounds, appearance and notifications.

Profile Information

Here you can edit your profile information.


Choose your plug-ins from here.


Here you can add a contact or a group and choose which group will be displayed in the chat window.

Add Contact

Type the user name, the nickname you want for that contact, choose the group in which you want to put the contract and click add.

Add Contact Group

Type the name of the group you want to add and then click Ok.


Here you can choose to start a conference, a chat or to broadcast a message.


Here you have links to online help and you can also see al the logs and the traffic that has been made.

If you send a message to another user this will show the message in the status bar at the bottom of the main application screen. If you type the message with /*/ in front, the status bar will be highlighted.

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