Here you can listen prices for a contract or for a list of contracts. You can't have more than one eINFOline frame at a time.

In the top of the frame you can write a contract in the contract field or choose a contract using Contract Lookup Dialog . You can listen the prices for that contract by single click on the "Play" button . You can add a select contract to the list by clicking the "Add" button in the right .

The prices will be the ones that are selected in the top of the Portfolio section. "O" means open, "H" means high, "L" means low, "T" means last and "C" means net change. You can select the first contract from the list by clicking the first button or the last by clicking . The "Up" and "Down" buttons are used to scroll the list.

Every contract has a filter for the prices that will be song. If you don't choose any filter for a contract, the filter from the top of the portfolio will be choose by default.

In the button of the portfolio section there are a group of buttons.


It will play the previous contract.


It will play the first contract in the list.


It will stop.


It will play the next contract.


When will reach the end of the contracts list will start again with the first contract.


It will open a dialog were you can edit the filter for the selected contract.

Edit Portfolio

It will open a Contract Lookup Dialog from were you can add/remove contracts in the contracts list. The contracts will not have any filter.

Remove contract

It will remove the selected contract from contracts list.

Save Portfolio to Server

It will save the portfolio settings to server.

Load Portfolio

It will load the portfolio from server.

See eINFOLine Toolbar components

See eINFOLine Key Bindings

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