QST Weather

The QST Weather page allows quick access to different types of weather maps: from Radar to Satellite, Temperature, Precipitations, Soil Conditions; these are US- or world-based maps.

Depending on a few factors (such as the Operating System, whether the Java runtime is 32 or 64-bit), this webpage will be rendered either in an internal Internet browser page, or redirected to the system's default browser.

Since using stand-alone browsers is a trivial operation for most users, this tutorial focuses on the internally-rendered page. There is no difference, whatsoever, between the information shown in both cases.

QST Weather Structure

The QST Weather webpage is comprised of two sections:

Quick Links

Right under the banner, one may locate the Quick Links for accessing the various Weather Maps.

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Content Area

Below these, while still on the Home page, the same links are replicated in the form of more suggestive images. These can be used to navigate to the desired maps.

Once the user entered a category, clicking on any map thumbnail displays a higher-resolution representation.

The Quick Links will be rendered on the screen at all times, except when viewing a magnified map.

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QST Weather Functionality

For the external browser, the conventional controls (Home, Back, Forward, Refresh) will be used to navigate on the webpage.

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QST Weather Toolbar

For the internal browser, the QST Weather Toolbar contains the equivalent controls to those just mentioned.

If one of your internal QST Weather frames has the focus, you will find, on the main menu bar, a menu named Browser; clicking on it will reveal a drop-down box with the same selection of actions as in QST Weather Toolbar.

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QST Weather Properties

The following description concern the internally-rendered browser only.

The QST Weather Properties dialog contains a single customization: Reload At enables one to set an auto-reload interval for the browser.

The buttons at the bottom of the dialog serve the following purposes:

Ok confirms the change, closes the Properties dialog.

Default - the change will apply by default to all future QST Weather frames.

Cancel ignore the change (revert to previous setting), close the Properties dialog.

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