QST Weather Toolbar

Please note that, depending on your subscription's level, some of the facilities described below may not be present. You can obtain access to a richer set of tools by upgrading your subscription.

The QST Weather Toolbar is located at the top of the screen, above the Order Entry Bar and below the main Application Toolbar (take a look at Application Layout) and it allows you to perform different QST Weather-specific actions by pressing the buttons that will be presented below. As explained in the linked page, please note that these toolbars may be hidden.



Takes user to the starting (root) page.

Go back

Browser returns to the page that referred (the user) to the one currently displayed.

Go forth

Moves forward a page, provided the user previously pressed the Go back button.

Reload current page

Reloads current page from the server.


This button opens the same QST Weather Properties dialog that can be displayed by pressing the Alt + P key combination while the frame has the focus. In order to read a detailed presentation of each tab and setting about this dialog, please click here.

Video Help

This will open a web browser and display video instructions related to the QST Weather frame (if applicable; not all topics are covered).


By using this button you can open the QST Weather-related Help files. You can open the same by pressing the Alt + H key combination.

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About the Toolbar

When you open a QST Weather frame in the current workspace, you will observe that a specific toolbar will be added to the right side of the Application Toolbar. The main and the frame-specific toolbars are delimited by a double-line separator.

It is also possible that your screen size doesn't accomodate all the icons belonging to the QST Weather toolbar at the same time. In order to have access to the hidden icons, you just need to press the button.

If you hide the main Application Toolbar, your frame-specific toolbar will be also hidden. In order to read about how to hide or unhide these toolbars, please click here.

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Customize the Toolbar

In order to customize the QST Weather Toolbar you need to right-click on it, select Customize and the QST Weather Toolbar Properties dialog will be shown.

You can also open this dialog if you go to the main menu, select Browser and Customize Toolbar from the bottom of the menu. When your buttons are hidden (as described in the About the Toolbar section) you can also use the last Customize... item from the menu that appears when pressing the button.

The same dialog can be triggered by double-clicking the vertical lines from the beginning of the frame-specific toolbar (please take a look at the image on the right).

From the QST Weather Toolbar Properties you can add, remove and reorder the displayed items on your QST Weather Toolbar.

The Icon Size depends on the size of the buttons used for the main Application Toolbar. In order to read about how to change this size, please click here.

You can also change the icons' glow color by pressing the button and selecting the color of your choice.

By the Available Items' list right side (containing elements not shown on your toolbar) there are 4 buttons which enable you to:

add all items (to toolbar)

add selected item (first click once on it to select it)

remove selected item (first click once on it to select it)

remove all items

By the Displayed Items' list right side there are 4 buttons that you can use to move the selected item:

to top

one position upper

one position lower

to bottom

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