Block Trades

The Block Trades module allows one to follow transactions that bear the same name: large, privately negotiated, executed apart from the public auction market, cleared by the Exchange.

Block Trades Structure

Per the above screenshot, the Block Trades frame can be divided in two logical sections:

Filters Pane

The section where you can customize trades shown in the Trades Table below, through filter definitions. By "filters", we understand both the Filter Text Field, as well as the checkboxes designated for each Exchange.

(Regarding the latter, it is worth mentioning that the selection of Exchanges is limited to those that support block trades and are provisioned for real-time access by your subscription.)

This being said, we will focus on the Filter Text Field.

This field allows users, especially those familiar with filtering formulas, to enter such constructions directly (by simply typing them in, then pressing Enter to have them take effect). A simple example would be typing a contract e.g. NCUZ14 and pressing Enter. However, as we will see in the following, filters can be much more elaborated.

In order to enable the auto-complete function for the formulas in the Filter Text Field, go to Application Properties, Layout and Organization tab and make sure the Enable autocomplete for filters option from the Editors section is checked.

The double-arrow button allows one to see a drop-down box listing filters that have previously been defined and saved; clicking on one of them will apply it. Delete an existing filter and press Enter to make its effect go away.

Most users will be better served by using the Column Filters button.

In order to read more about Filters, please click here.

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Trades Table

A list of trades, one trade per row. The amount of information displayed on each row can be customized in the module's Properties dialog, Columns tab.

Each column's header, when clicked (or right-clicked) on, will display a drop-down pop-up that allows you to sort the table or add a Quick Filter.

In order to read more about Sorting, click here.

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Pop-up Menu in Block Trades

Depending on the location in the frame one right-clicks on, different pop-up menus will be displayed. These can be used to accelerate certain actions in the frame.

More information about the Pop-up Menu in Block Trades can be found here.

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Block Trades Toolbar

Buttons on the Block Trades Toolbar are described in a separate Help file, located here.

Information about the toolbar's location in the Application Layout is available here.

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Block Trades Properties

The Block Trades Properties dialog provides access to change any Block Trades setting.

Help for use of this dialog and its tabs is located here.

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