Options All Months

The "Options All Months" frame displays the all options in all months. Views include lasts, net changes, bids and asks, highs and lows for a given contract. So, in a single table you can see all the calls and puts for all months for any contract.

You choose the contract from the contract box in the upper left corner of the screen. You can type the name of the contract  or choose it from the Contract Lookup Dialog by pressing the button. You can choose to display the calls and puts for one, various or all months. The choose all months press "Calendar Strip" and to choose only some of them keep pressed the <Shift> button on the keyboard and click on the months you want to see.

From the left side bar you can choose which data to display in the table: "Last & Net Change", only "Last", "Bid & Ask" or "High & Low", "Impl Vol", "Delta", "Gamma", "Theta", "Vega", "Rho".

By pressing the button in the top of the bar you can hide it.

In the top of the table you can see the UndPr, the underlying price of the futures contract for that option series, the DTE which represent the days until the expiration of the option contract, the EXP, the expiration date and the VOL, which means the volatility of the contract. The first column in the table represents the strike prices.

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