Ticker Properties


This dialog allows you to customize the look and behavior of your currently-active Ticker frame (or all current, even future frames of this type).


The Font section allows the customization of each element's (that is being displayed in the tape) font size.


Colors tell what Background the information will be painted on, using the Foreground color; Low and High colors concern the drawing color of the Symbol, Last Price, as well as that of the triangle showing an uptrend or downtrend. If the Net Change is positive (computed as the difference between the Last and the Previous Settlement), then High will be used; otherwise, the rendering will switch to Low color.

In order to change any of the colors mentioned above, press the button from the right side of the color field.

Compact Data View

Compact Data View switches to an abbreviated representation.


All the changes will be exemplified in the Preview area.

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Apply Properties

It is important to mention that you have 4 different buttons to select from once you finished making the necessary changes to the Ticker frame you invoked the Properties dialog on:

Apply - Press if you want to save the changes for the current Ticker frame only. Will close the Properties dialog.

Apply to All - Use this button if you want to apply the settings to all your existing (already open) Ticker frames, regardless of their location or visibility.

Default for New - The changes you made will be saved as default and applied to all Ticker frames you will open in the future.

Cancel - Press this button if you want to revert the changes you made in the Ticker Properties dialog.

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