The Ticker module replicates the functionality of a "Ticker Tape". Several contracts may be added to this tape; the direction and speed of the "dataflow" can be adjusted as well.

Ticker Functionality

One of the most straight-forward designs. Initially unpopulated, right-click anywhere in the tape to bring up a pop-up menu, and select the first item (Contracts) to add one or more instruments. To learn more about using the Contract Lookup, click here.

Once you have at least an active contract, the tape will start scrolling. You can change the scrolling direction by "dragging" (left-press your mouse button anywhere in the tape, and hold it to begin with) towards the desired direction ("drag-and-drop"). The and buttons control, depending on the number of consecutive clicks, the scrolling speed.

If you hold your mouse over a ticker entry, you will see that it becomes underlined; this means that a left-click on it will trigger a daily chart for that particular contract.

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Ticker Pop-up Menu

Depending on the location in the frame one right-clicks on, different pop-up menus will be displayed. These can be used to accelerate certain actions in the frame.

More information about the Pop-up Menu in Ticker can be found here.

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Ticker Toolbar

Buttons on the Ticker Toolbar are described in a separate Help file, located here.

Information about the toolbar's location in the Application Layout is available here.

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Ticker Properties

The Ticker Properties dialog provides access to change any Ticker setting.

Help for use of this dialog is located here.

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