Time & Sales

In a "Time & Sales" frame you can watch only for one contract at a time. As trades are executed, they are reported here. There are four boxes in the top of frame. In the first one you must enter the contract. If you don't know any contract you can choose one using Contract Lookup Dialog.

The second box is for date. Type here the date for which you want to get the information. You can use the Date Picker for more information Date Picker.

The last ones are for the time range.

A new "Time & Sales" frame:

After you have choused a contract you must click on the "Query" button to get the data. At the bottom of the frame you can notice a text which according with the state of the contract can be "Streaming" or "Static". Also by double clicking a column you can highlight a certain price. You can also visualize the high and low prices colored in different colors.

The layout of our table can be horizontal or vertical as you wish.

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