Symbol Search

The Symbol Search tool allows one to find symbols for the instruments available on the platform, under a particular subscription.

Search Options

The Enter search phrase field sets up a symbol lookup using either a part of the contract's Name (a.k.a. "Description") or a part of the Symbol. The results list can be sorted by either.

A few scenarios will be detailed below.

Search for a symbol using part of its Name

In the screenshot below the user is looking for the Corn (Pit-traded) symbol. Keeping the mouse over a result displays a tooltip with details about the selected instrument.

Search for a symbol using only a familiar part of the Symbol

In this example, the symbol for the Light Sweet Crude Oil (WTI)(Electronic) session is the target of the search but the user recalls only its first 2 letters: "EC". Please note the active Case sensitive option near the Search button, otherwise the result page would have displayed all results having the "ec" particle in their name or symbol.

A search for an exchange-defined spread (that actually contains the word "spread" in its description) is shown next. Please note that, as in all cases otherwise returning many results, knowing a substantial part of the spread's name, goes a long way to cutt off "false" positives.

Same goes for the "options" key-word: as long as this particular word is "embedded" in the symbol's description, it will be found.

The Filters can be used to limit (or extend) the results range, according to the venues of interest (Pit-Traded, Electronically-traded, or synthetized when Composite is checked).

Finally, results may be sorted either by Symbol, or by Name.

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Results Section

Displays the results returned by the search, taking into consideration the search phrase and the options exemplified above. Populated either by pressing the Search button, or upon pressing the Enter key.

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