Server Configuration Wizard

The Order Entry Server can be easily configured in four steps:

Step 1 - Welcome Screen
This is the first step of the "Server Configuration Wizard", here you can press "Next" if you want to continue with this wizard or press "Skip Server Configuration" to leave this wizard.

Step 2 - Real-time Audio Quotes Configuration
For a detailed explanation of this step, read the text from the figure below.

Step 3 - Order Entry Server Configuration
In the third step you have to provide the server where you want to connect by specifying the "Host" and the "Port" number and in the "Login" section you have to provide the login information like the "Provider", the "User Name", the "Password" and the "Firm ID". For detailed explanation read the text from the figure below.   

Step 4 - Finish
The last step tells you that the parameters had been successfully set and it is ready to connect to the server when you press "Next".

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