Candles Properties

Op < Cl Color / Op > Cl Color / Wicks Color

By pressing the button, the "Choose The Color" dialog appears. Here you can set the color of the candles chart. You have five possibilities for set this color: Swatches, HSV, HSL, RGB or CMYK (see the figures below).

Wicks color

If this option is checked you can set different color for the wicks in the candles chart. If this option is not checked the wicks have the color of the candle bar. In the first picture below the Wicks Color option is checked and the color for the wick is green. In the second picture the Wicks Color option is not checked.


The sizes used for the candles chart are: "Small" or "Large". By default the size used is "Small". In the figure below you can see how can you change this option.

In the following pictures you can see how a "Small" or a "Large" sized candle chart is:


"Ok" button - this will change the previous setting with the actual settings

"Cancel" button - the change in setting will be ignored
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