Price Ladder Pop-up Menu

If one of your Price Ladder frames has the focus, you will find, on the main menu bar, a menu named Price Ladder; clicking on it will reveal a drop-down box with a selection of menus - operations and options that concern this particular frame.

You can access the same operations and options from the Price Ladder Toolbar, as well as from the popup menu that is invoked if you right-click outside of the Price Ladder table and select Price Ladder again (take a look at the image on the right).

At the bottom of the main Price Ladder pop-up menu (caption on the right side), there is a selection of menus that allow quick access to significant actions that concern existing or new Workspaces and Frames.

Clicking on Order Entry, Bid/Ask Size, Cumulative Bid/Ask, Price and Offset P/L will trigger Order Entry-related actions. Depending on the options set in the Order Entry tab under the frame's Properties, these actions may be: displaying a single-row place order popup, showing the Order Preview dialog or direct order placement. For a more generic look at the Order Entry concepts, click here.

The remainder of the actions available throughout the whole menu / menu-item hierarchy will be discussed in the following.

By clicking on the Contingency option you can place contingent orders. In order to read more about them, please click here.

When enabled, use the Place Buy/Sell Order options to place either a Buy or a Sell order at the price corresponding to the current row.

Select the Add Alarm option to create a new alarm from Price Ladder. If you already defined an alarm for the selected contract, you can change or delete it by selecting Alarms, choosing the alarm you need to modify and finally clicking the Edit/Delete Alarm menu item. In order to read more about Alarms, please click here.

The same menu will contain 3 more items if one right-clicks an order from the Order Entry column. These can be used to Cancel, Cancel / Replace or Cancel / Replace to the Market the order the user right-clicked on.

Right-clicking anywhere in one of the Pos / Avg / Hi / Lo / Chg / OPL / TPL fields (assumingly enabled), will trigger a different pop-up menu, containing a list of all current fills and positions.

For each of those, you can trigger another pop-up menu in order to handle them:

Offset - offset your current fill/position.

Reverse - reverse your current fill/position.

Mark Fill as Reported request the current fill to be set to the Reported status at the exchange (only available for fills).

Add to Position allows you to place an additional order for the same contract as the current fill/position.

Net Summary displays a small dialog with information about the current fill/position, specifying if it is long or short and the total quantity.

Finally, the Contingency entry is functionally identical with the one mentioned above. Click here to read more about contingencies.

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