Change Contract Month

The Change Contract Month tool allows you to change the contract month associated with a particular symbol or for all symbols within the entire application. This is a convenient way to manually roll-over contracts that have not been designated as auto-rollovers when set up.

As the name implies, this tool is very simple and has a basic functionality, changing contract months. The drop-down list allows you to select a symbol to change the month for, or leave all symbols as targets for such a change. Once again, this change will propagate through all frames and will apply not only to futures, but other derivatives as well.

Next, you need to select the old (that is, current) month and old year, as well as the new ones you want to change them to; press Ok.

There is also another possibility to define the two contracts by pressing the icon near the Symbol search area. It will invoke a simplified version of the Contract Lookup, for your convenience.

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