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About Linked Workspaces

The Linked Workspace feature brings more interactivity to our platform. It offers a convenient way to switch between copious sets of data in a short amount of time.

In a Linked Workspace you will always need to set a primary (control) frame that allows cycling between different contracts. A good example would be a Quotes Monitor that may have multiple rows populated with different contracts. By now you must know that you can click on a Quotes Monitor row to select it. Imagine if every selection you made had an impact on the secondary frames and made them switch to that particular contract (assuming you had two more frames in your workspace, both Charts, they'd always update to the latest selected contract).


Example 1. - Quotes Monitor linked with Chart

The following example will show how to set up a workspace containing a single Quotes Monitor and a Chart that are linked.

First of all, go to the Workspace in the application main menu and select New Workspace. On the newly-shown dialog, click on the 3rd tab (Window-Link), but then instead of going with one of the already-defined template, click on the + button to create a new one. Plese take a look at the image below.

In the Create a new template dialog, name it first (QM - Chart in our screenshot below), then use the vertical splitter button to divide your workspace in two sides. Double-click on the left side and from the drop-down list set the type to Quote Monitor. Press Ok. Double-click on the 2nd (right) side of your window and select Charts [Intraday 1 min] (not shown here).

Click OK to get back to list of available templates; you will now see yours, too.

Click on it to select it, then on the Apply Template button. A new window pops up, asking you to provide a contract to initialize the frames with. Type a contract, and then press Ok. We used ESH14 in our example from below.

You will get a new workspace split between a Quotes Monitor and a Chart frame. Both will show data for ESH14. Now use the row below ESH14 (in Quotes Monitor) to set up a new contract, let's say ESM14. Your Linked Workspace is now set up. Click once to select the ESM14 row: the chart reacts by loading the ESM14 graph. Now go back to ESH14 in Quotes Monitor, to see the chart reverting to ESH14.

This is but a simple example but it's not hard to imagine other scenarios as well.

Example 2. - Quotes Monitor linked with Spread Charts

A particular case worth mentioning refers to setting up a Linked Workspace including "synchronized" Spread Charts. To illustrate this, you'd need to create a new template and split it in four parts; populate each tile, going from left to right with a Quotes Monitor and 3 Spread Charts (leave the upper-rightmost's secondary drop-down box set to Spread, and for the two at the bottom to Leg 1 and Leg 2 respectively).

Once you apply the template to a workspace, if the first Quotes Monitor row contains an Arithmetic Spread (e.g. ESH14 - ESM14), the Spread Charts will trace ESH14 - ESM14, ESH14 for the 1st leg Spread Chart, and ESM14 for the 2nd leg Spread Chart, respectively.

Please note that this setup will work for Exchange-Traded Spreads as well, or any combination of the real and synthetic instruments for that matter.

As a closing note, the dataflow is always from the primary frame to the other ones. A primary frame, for obvious reason, will never be a chart.

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