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The Application Toolbar is located at the top of the screen, above the Order Entry Bar and below the Main Menu (take a look at Application Layout). As explained in the linked page, please note that these bars may be hidden.


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About the Toolbar

This toolbar can be used from all the frames of the application, it contains buttons with common actions. When you open a frame in the current workspace, you will observe that the selected frame's specific toolbar will be added to the right side of the one we describe here. The common and the frame-specific toolbars are delimited by a separator.

It is also possible that your screen size doesn't accomodate all the icons belonging to the toolbars at the same time. In order to have access to the hidden icons, you just need to press the button.

You can hide this toolbar, if you go to the main menu of the application, select View and unselect the Main Toolbar option or press F9. If you repeat this action, the toolbar will appear again.

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Customize the Toolbar

In order to customize the Application Toolbar you just need to:

  • right-click on it, select Customize and the Main Toolbar Properties dialog will be shown or
  • go to the main menu, select General and Customize Main Toolbar
  • go to the Application Properties (Ctrl + P) and select Customize Main Toolbar from the Desktop tab
  • double-click on the vertical lines from the beginning of the toolbar

From the Main Toolbar Properties you can add, remove and reorder the displayed items of your Application Toolbar. You can also change the icons' size and glow color.

By the Available Items' list right side (containing elements not shown on your toolbar) there are 4 buttons which enable you to:

add all items (to toolbar)

add selected item

remove selected item

remove all items

By the Displayed Items' list right side there are 4 buttons that you can use to move the selected item:

to top

one position upper

one position lower

to bottom

In order to change the Icon Size, you should choose between Small and Large. If you want to modify the Glow Color for the icons, press the button and selecting the color of your choice.

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