The software organizes the (internal) frames (such as: Charts, Quotes Monitor etc.) in containers, called "workspaces". You can activate a workspace by clicking on its tab at the bottom of the application's window please take a look at the Application Layout section of this Help. In the example from the previous link, our workspaces are called, generically, "Workspace 1", "Workspace 2". Distributing frames in suggestively-named Workspaces enable users to access data in a convenient, fast and clutter-free manner.

New Workspace

This will create a new workspace. New workspaces are named by default: Workspace 1, Workspace 2, ... and so on.

You can also create a new workspace using a template. To show the Templates dialog when creating a new workspace, select Show templates dialog for a new workspace property from the Application Properties dialog, Desktop tab. Depending on the template you used, the color of the workspace will be different. Take a look at the Workspaces Colors section, in order to read about this.

Rename Workspace

This will open a dialog from where you can change the name of the current workspace. You can also change the name of workspace by double-clicking on its corresponding tab (at the bottom of the application).

Delete Workspace

This will delete the current workspace.

Workspace Chooser

From here you can go directly to a workspace.

Externalize / Internalize Workspace

By pressing the Externalize button from the toolbar, the current workspace will appear in an external window. In this window, you will have the Internalize button, which you can press to reintegrate the window in the application.

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Workspaces Colors

Regular workspace

workspace templates were used when the workspace was created

custom Trading workspace

Window-Link workspace that contains linked frames

Mobile Data workspace

If you are using our mobile application and you saved your settings to our servers from such a device, upon a subsequent desktop login that loads the server-side settings, you will see the a Mobile Data workspace. As its name suggests, it will contain your previously saved settings from your mobile device.

In order to read more about Templates, please click here.

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