Everything that you have on your screen at a given moment (workspaces, frames), as well as your customized preferences, can be described in terms of "settings". These can be propagated between work sessions by the means of "saving the settings" (usually, at logout), and "loading the settings" upon subsequent logins.

Save Settings

This button will save all the settings from the application (in other words, create a snapshot that will be usable later for recreating your current working conditions). It will open the Save Settings dialog from where you can save all your settings on your local harddrive or/and on our server.

If you Click for Video Help, you will see a video which will show you how to save your settings.

In order to save your settings, you need first to make a successful login. You can also save your settings when you Log Off or Exit the application (which is the most usual and recommended scenario) by going to the main menu, General -> Save Settings or, on demand, at any time, by pressing F2. No matter how you reached this dialog, your options will be the same.

In order to save your settings on your computer, make sure you have the local harddrive option selected. If you want to save your settings on our servers, you should check the server option. You can also select both the checkboxes, this way your settings will be saved on your local harddrive and our server too. We strongly recommend leaving both destinations checked at all times, unless you have a good reason not to do so.

Once you decided where you want to save your settings, you should press one of the Yes / No buttons. If you are in the Save Settings dialog shown above, you should select Yes, if you want to save your settings and No, if you want to close the dialog without saving any settings.

If you are logging out from the application, you should press one of the following buttons: Yes (will save the settings and will log off / exit the application), No (will log off / exit without saving the settings) or Cancel (will cancel the log off / exit).

Load Backup Settings

We make daily backups of your settings (saved around 7 PM CDT every night). This button will load the backup settings from the day before.

Export / Import Settings

This new functionality can be used to save (export) all your settings in a .zip file and later to load (import) them on another or the same computer (for example when your settings got corrupted).

After you exported your settings you will be asked if you want to send the exported .zip file by e-mail to somebody else. This way you can share your settings with your colleagues or other users too.

It is important to mention, that you can also load / import the settings from a .zip file by drag-and-dropping it on the application's area. Your mouse pointer will indicate the exact areas where you can / cannot drop the .zip file:

It is not allowed to drop it into a frame or different fields like Account or Quick Entry field.

You can import the settings without any problem, if you release your mouse above toolbars or frame titlebars.

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Why is saving / loading settings useful?

On the Login screen, you will be able to choose where you want your settings to be loaded from (local harddrive or server).

Besides the simple reason of being able to load back your previously saved settings from your local harddrive and continue to work from there, you can also load your settings from our servers. This is useful when you accidentally delete your settings from your computer, reinstall your system or install the application on another computer and would like to have the same settings loaded there, too.

You can also use the application on 2 or more computers and keep the same settings on all. For example, you are using the application on your office computer and you need to have its settings transferred to your laptop at home, on which the application has beeen installed, too. In order to "clone" your settings on both systems, please follow these steps:

1. When closing the application on your office computer, save the settings to both destinations.

2. Run the application on your laptop; on the Login screen, select Load settings from server, before logging in.

3. If you made changes on your settings while you were logged in on your laptop and want them made available for the other computer, save your settings again on our server when your work is done and log out. In the office, of course, load the settings from the server.

It is important to mention that you can't use the application on 2 computers at the same time, unless you have 2 accounts with us. If you are using 1 account, when you log in on a computer, you will be automatically disconnected from the other one.

In order to read more about how to log in and log out the application, please click here.

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